Where can i find the Pi Coin Network invitation link and code?

Here is the invite link: https://minepi.com/Markkkk353747

Here the invite code for to join Pi Coin Network: Markkkk353747

Is the Pi Coin Network a scam or legit?

The Pi Coin Network is NO Scam, its a very serios idea of Standford university members to revolutionize the crytocurency mining. Pi Coin is made for from normal peopöe for normal people. Its a coin whiche can be mined on mobiles, you not need a miningfarm or a lot of money to invest.

Where can i buy or sell Pi Coins?

Pi Coin you cant buy or sell at the moment they just can be mined, its in Beta Phase. The Network of Pi Coin has more than 23 million supporters and members. Its the first crypto project and first coin whiche is already famous be launched. So at this moment when everybody can use their Pi Coin the price will go fast so high.

Tutorial: Pi Coin Mining Installation

Open that Link: Pi Coin Network, with a mobile phone. Go to Download that will forward you to the App Store on your Device. After installation register with Full Name, Email and Nickname. Many people use a always fake names online , please do not. For your KYC it needs be your real names. Last step use " Markkkk353747 "

Please Pi works so: You need verify your phone number, or at the end when it is online the Pi Network, you cant get the mined Pi. For that verify your mobile number, so it is done. Go on Profil and see phone number.

What is the best Pi Network alternative?

This two are the best alternatives:

Link: Star Network

Link: Eagle Network

Link: Coinx Network

Link: Doge Network

Link:  Doge Network (German)

Server IP: